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Possible cooperation to improve beta portuguese

Greeting, everyone!

Not sure is this will be read by the staff but i'm brazilian and i've seen others who try to help those who are learning our languages like me. I believe we could find ways to colaborate and improve the courses.

It seems like there are two major issues with this beta:

1) Spelling sound robotic ans sometimes cuts off articles. 2) The program can't seem to handle the absurd number os possible translations our language give.

My point os not to complain, but to give a few sugestions which could greatly improve this and possibly the entire site. It's quite simple: let the site be a little mre p2p! let the natives contribute at will

I took a test on the portuguese material and lost two hearts because my sentences where nor recognized. I flaged them, but i'm not sure these are being filtered. If i could take a test e prove that i'm native, then i would browse the exercises randomly and just add possible translations. With me and other brazilians doing this, the possibilities would rise beyond the work that's possible to a closed group.

So, to sum up, create tests in which users prove their fluency and then let these users expand the translation possibilities while double checking them, of course.

For the robot voice, users could just record their own voice. I'm pretty sure that it would sound way better than the robot voice. And kowing the people from my country as well as i do, i know brazilian users would just do it for free. I know i would...

Not sure, technologically wise, how someone could prove to have a native accent, but maybe someone else does! This can easely be applied to any language. After all, this site does bring users some motivation, right?

Anybody agrees?

February 27, 2013

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I really like your ideas! One thing I'd say though for now is that it really comes down to the fact that Portuguese is still in Beta. I'm still giving it a chance until that changes. I imagine it just takes a while to fully develop a program and eliminate the robotic voice aspect of the spoke language within the program. These are, however, really interesting ideas. Muito obrigado!

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