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What is people's motivation to use Duolingo?

Dear Fellow Duolingo users;

Together with two classmates I am making a science project for which we have chosen Duolingo as our research topic.

We are interested in finding out the different motivations individuals have to start using Duolingo. For example, learning a new language from scratch, maintaining language skills or something totally different.

Our plan is to make a user survey on some of the active people using Duolingo, and why they chose to use Duolingo instead of alternative applications.

Greetings Tijs

April 6, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I like Duolingo because it is a sort of passive language learning. I don't have to do much effort and I can do some language learning even if I am very busy or don't have much energy


    You can have the satisfaction of knowing that you can speak a language. And that you did the best you can.


    I have tried other Language programs, and this is just so much funner. I really like it


    It's fun, it's a different language, it's also another blank slate to use for anything I want to.


    Maintaining as well as creating new language skills. Duolingo is the most popular language learning app in the world.

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