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  5. "When is your birthday?"

"When is your birthday?"

Translation:Khi nào là sinh nhật của bạn?

April 6, 2017



Wouldn't a better translation for this be "Which day is your birthday?"
Or, at the very least, accept "Khi nào là ngày sinh của bạn" as well?


Can I say: "Khi nào ngày sinh của bạn?"?


No, it sounds not right at all. You must add "là": Khi nào ngày sinh của bạn.


Got it. Thank you!


"Ngày sinh của bạn khi nào" is marked wrong. Is "Ngày sinh của bạn là khi nào." correct?


Yes, "... là khi nào" would be correct here.

"Khi nào" is an adverb of time. A rule of thumb is, if you remove an adverb, the rest should still be a complete sentence (maybe not meaningful, but still correct by syntax). "Ngày sinh của bạn" is just a noun phrase, it lacks verb to be a full sentence. So there should be "là" there.


Thank you for the explanation.


Thanks, very useful information


This sentence is another mistranslation and confusing. It is "which day is your birthday" therefore probably the birthday is soon and a specific day of the week implied. Even if a general statement there ìs definitely no "when" here. Sure the question could be asking you to say the date. But this kind of interpreting should be left to on the fly verbal dialogue unless you cover the whole gamut of possible answers. When you are trying to translate script it's counterintuitive and counterproductive to omit literality


'Sinh nhật của bạn là ngày gì' phải chấp nhận chứ?


What does ngày nào mean


Ngày = day, nào = which

Ngày nào = which day

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