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"Tôi không muốn đối mặt với gia đình của mình sau khi tôi thất bại."

Translation:I do not want to face my family after I fail.

April 6, 2017



"After I fail/have failed" (If the primary clause is in the present tense)


When do you use mình in place of tôi?


Use mình in place of toi, ban, anh ay etc if that subject has already been mentioned. Since this sentence already said toi it is ok to use minh


2/2/2021 - Read like a bl@@dy robot! People don't just rattle sentences off like this in real life! There is a fluidity to language when people speak! It is cr@ppy robotic recordings like this that encourage poeple to forget the idea of investing so much precious time in learning a language that is as useful as latin outside of Vietnam ( not very).


cái này ko tuân theo thì


Can't say after my failure? Or does it always require 'su'


My failure would be sự thất bại của tôi.


I do not want to face my family after I fail


They really need to have better translations, I read it as I don't want the family face after I fall which makes me sense

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