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  5. "Usiku mwema Emilian"

"Usiku mwema Emilian"

Translation:Have a good night Emilian

April 6, 2017



What is the difference between mwema and njema?


It depends on the class of the noun it describes. Jioni is N class so you say jioni njema. Usiku is U class, so you say usiku mwema

You can find a table of all the forms here: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ema#Swahili


Thank you, that really helped


How do we know the class / category of the word? Different moments of time (morning, afternoon, night) could logically belong to the same class.


Some classes you can tell (like 1/2 all living beings/humans - you just learn the exceptions, or 3/4 for trees and plants), others you will just have to learn by heart until they make sense.


It's not any more logical than, say, gender in Spanish or German


I agree completely with kathryn.f and PavitraUpa. I know Swahili is phonetic but for the long words I spend so much time sounding them out; having the pronunciation would make lessons more efficient for me, and I could ensure that I'm actually saying it right.


General pronounciating rule (apart from th/dh/gh - which are from Arabic loanwords): Pronounce vowels as in Italian. Pronounce consonants as in English.

And let's hope and pray the audio will be available soon.


There are videos on youtube where they say Swahili words, then the english version. These videos can last a few hours, so you can listen while you do chores and stuff.


I agree. Having sound will help with the pronunciation.


Can we not have the audio pronunciations for all these words?


What does each word mean? They're not individually defined.


Could it also translate as, "Have a nice night, Emilian"?

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