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  5. "Ils mangent la nourriture."

"Ils mangent la nourriture."

Translation:They are eating the food.

February 27, 2013



We can't ... they should accept both answers. Because it has the same sound and the same pronunciation.


How can you distinguish between "Il mange la nourriture" and "Ils mangent la nourriture"?


you can't, they sound the same.


There is a subtle difference between mange and mangent. There is an extra sound for mangent. Try listening to it


There shouldn't be any difference between the pronunciation of mange and mangent, subtle or otherwise. There are some verbs where the third person plural form sounds different, but not in most cases. A friend explained to me that the spellings reflect the fact that they used to be pronounced differently. The spoken language moved on but the spellings remained the same. What is weird about it is that when the spellings were standardized they already pronounced mange and mangent the same way, but the French have had a history of being conservative with their language! (By the way, an example of a verb which is pronounced differently in the third person plural is venir: il vient (he comes) and il viennent (they are coming) are pronounced differently.)


In "Listen and Type in French" it accpeted "il mange" as correct.


I answered 'Il mange la nourriture.' and it was correct.


1) They are eating the food = ils mangent la nourriture.

2) He is eating the food = Il mange de la nourriture

From Google translate.

Difference between 'il' 'ils' is 'de' after 'mange'. Is this correct, anyone?


I advise you manage without Google/Translate. They are wrong : no "de" nowhere.


Somebody, explain me what is the difference between "food" ("nourriture") and "meal" ("repas"), PLEASE.


food/nourriture is everything you can eat. A meal/un repas is a combination of various food products, associated at a special time: breakfast/petit déjeuner is a meal, lunch/déjeuner is a meal, dinner/dîner is a meal.


Thank you for help

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