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Swahili-song with lyrics and translation from Swedish Eurovision! (Very easy)

This song called Kizunguzungu by SaRaha, one of the contenders for Eurovision 2016 in Sweden is quite catchy. Here is a version with the lyrics:


I have broken it down for you who want to learn the meaning of the swahili parts. It is quite easy really, just a few phrases. (The first phrase is from a common children's song)

(Mabata madogo - small ducks = ducklings yanaogelea - (should be WAnaogelea to be correct) they swim)

we(=wewe = you) tulia - be calm

unakimbia - you run

ila (but rather) kaka (brother) najua ( I know)

unaNItaka - you want ME

Mbona (not "bonna") - why

sema -say

kizunguzungu - dizziness, vertigo

basi - "enough already" "well then" simama - stop! (=to stand up)

That´s it. Enjoy! :)

April 6, 2017



Karibu Ciro!


Maybe they're inanimate ducks ;-)

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