April 6, 2017



What the proper way to pronounce this? I can't tell

January 6, 2018


Best to find some videos and such online. You have to put your tongue in an L position, but then push air around both sides of your tongue.

January 22, 2018


Some of the on-line Welsh dictionaries have voice recordings attached to many of the more common words such as llaeth. Try gweiadur.com, for example.

Also go through the videos that we recommend - look on the web for ‘youtube welsh plus pronunciation basics’.

January 22, 2018


Will it accept llefrith

July 22, 2018



For listening exercises, you have to type what you hear.

If the voice says llaeth, type llaeth.

If the voice says llefrith, type llefrith.

In both cases, it’s irrelevant what you yourself would say.

July 22, 2018


Llaeth in South Wales. Llefryth in North Wales. So many words are different. I wish there was an option to learn North Wales Welsh!

March 26, 2019


The spelling is llefrith in parts of north and mid-Wales.

There is no particular 'north Wales Welsh' - there are two or three main dialects in 'north' Wales, depending on where you think the 'north' is...

The notes for the section 'Dialects' have some links to more information about the various Welsh dialects.

March 26, 2019
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