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  5. ¿estar o ser?


¿estar o ser?

I get so confused trying to remember when to use the verbs 'estar' and 'ser'. When do you use 'estar', and when do you use 'ser'?

March 13, 2014

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Good afternoon, the verb ''ser'' and ''estar'' is the same that ''to be''. It is used in sentences as :

  • Ella quiere ser una buena estudiante / she wants to be a good student

  • El quiere estar en la escuela / he wants to be at the school

I don't know how explain it better.

  • Ser = dates, occupation, time, origin, relation, characteristic

  • Estar = position, location, action, condition, emotion

There are many forms to use these verbs.

  • El no puede ser un jefe / He can't to be a boss

  • No quiero estar con mis padres / I don't want to be with my parents

  • Deberiamos estar estudiando / we should to be studying

Greetings from venezuela.


Thank you so much! This helps a lot!


You are welcome, if you need more help just tell me.

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