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  5. "Ich bin zwölf."

"Ich bin zwölf."

Translation:I am twelve.

February 27, 2013

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Is this acceptable? Honest question. In my german classes we always said "Ich bin zwolf Jahren alt" I got the impression from my teacher that leaving out "Jahren alt" wasn't really acceptable, but she never outright said that.


It's fine. The full version would be "Ich bin zwölf Jahre alt".


Re Geteilt,

If typing ö is inconvenient for you, please type "oe".


Why, when you can press and hold alt key while pressing 148 on numeric keypad with numlock on?

ä alt + 132

ë alt + 137

ï alt + 139

ö alt + 148

ü alt + 129

Ä alt + 142

Ë (alt + 211 doesn't work on my computer gives ╙, use Unicode) alt + 0203

Ï (alt + 216 doesn't work on my computer gives ╪, use Unicode) alt + 0207

Ö alt + 153

Ü alt + 154

ß alt + 225

See ASCII code table and extended Unicode character table online.

I used to copy and paste the letters with accents if you find that easier. In start program window enter "Character Map", click on it to open program for every character imaginable. Copying is easy there and to paste press cursor where you want it and hold CTRL key and press V key.


Or just go through the control panel and add the German keyboard layout! You can easily switch between the German and English by pressing alt+shift. In the German layout, you can write either ö, ü, ä, and ß with only one keypress. It just takes a little getting used to with the slightly different layout.


What is the layout? Which keypress for each?


I'd recommend that US international keyboard. Just hit "" + the letter and get umlauts. (That is, shift + '' + letter of choice). The German keyboard switches the z and y and changes a bunch of other weird things that might screw you up.


I had to reply to myself because we are too deep into responses (by the 6th deep no reply button exists). Thank you, I will add German keyboard (By the way which German keyboard layout should I choose, because there are actually a lot of choices.). I use the French keyboard too. I wanted to know more than just near, but exactly which key does what?
Thank you AndrewTemp2, I do have the US international keyboard, but again I did not know which keypresses did what. Since I am studying more than one language, it is probably a good choice for me. I found this website which lists the keystrokes for many characters using the US International keyboard. http://symbolcodes.tlt.psu.edu/accents/codeint.html


Control Panel Region and Language Keyboards and Languages Change Keyboards Add... German Preview

Basically, the Ü, Ö, Ä, and ß are all on the right side near the enter and backspace keys.


Or if you use a Mac it's easy as hell. Hold the letter down and a pop up appears asking which accent you want.


Wow. I've been using a Mac for years and didn't know that. Thanks.


It's also not too tough to switch your keyboard to German, although it will mess up where the Y and Z are


On my device, I just hold on the space bar, and get a choice of keyboards in many languages!


Which device exactly are you using? That sounds cool! Is there a template somewhere that I could copy and overlay on my keyboard to know which keys are where on the alternate keyboards?

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