Streak count

I am on day 40 of my streak. The count on my app is accurate, but the website is only showing a 4 day streak. Any idea what's going on?

March 13, 2014

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Are you using the coach? Being on track for X days in the coach is not the same as having an X day streak on the website.

It sounds like you have the coach enabled, which allows you to miss days, but still be on track. The web shows the site streak and doesn't let you do that. :)

I should be on day 84....I do duo lingo everyday as soon as I get up. I never have missed a day. It shows only 4 days. Does it reset at 80?

It does not reset automatically at any number. You didn't earn any points on 3/11. Your timezone is set to America/New_York, -0400. If you have changed locations since creating your account, this would explain the discrepancy.

I haven't missed a day either.

On my line graph it shows every day this how can they say I missed a day?????

I have a similar problem: the website says I have a 38 day streak, which is correct, but my phone says it's just a 9 day streak.. 9 days ago the streak freezer that I had bought previously was used, so apparently this wasn't communicated to the phone. Is there a way to sync this?

PS I don't know if it's relevant but I don't have a coach enabled.

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