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"Șoarecele merge prin frigider."

Translation:The mouse walks through the refrigerator.

April 7, 2017



I prefer "the mouse goes through the refrigerator" because that also has the meaning of hunting through the contents of the fridge, in the same way as you might say "he goes through all her letters". To walk through something or somewhere implies passing through somewhere and coming out (of the other side) again. I can't imagine a mouse just taking a stroll inside a fridge, which is what the translation sounds like to me.


We the sentence "The mouse walks by the refrigerator" it is not correct? Can someone explains please :)


'by the fridge' implies that the mouse is outside the fridge, next to it, whereas 'through' implies that the mouse is in the fridge


In this context, "prin" means inside the fridge, but not around the fridge. This sentence shall be corrected. Mulțumesc.


Can you use "plimba" instead of "merge" for "walk"?


I think " plimba" is more like go for a walk whereas "merge" is more like go.

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