"Nitrojeni na mazingira"

Translation:Nitrogen and environment

April 7, 2017

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What kind of random sentence is this? This "science" course is mostly flashcard with very easy-to-guess words of very little use, and some random words put together like this. It doesn't give me anything - and I love science!

Sorry, no other place to complain :P This course could just be so much better with some full sentences.


It's not necessarily random. It could be the name of a paper about the effect of nitrogen on the environment.


But even it it was, the sentence should say something like 'the exam is about nitrogen and the environment'! This is just nonsense, and it is so frustrating - two years later - that the lessons still don't make sense.


Meaning (mazingira)


nm [ya-] environment; surroundings, ambience.


nm = nomino (noun)

From Swahili.it / Swahili-English Dictionary


Some example sentences with mazingira:

1. Maagizo: Fanya zoezi hili katika mazingira matulivu.


Instructions: Do this exercise in quiet surroundings.

2. Majiji kadhaa ya Amerika Kaskazini yanatumia samaki aina ya bluegills, ambao hutambua kemikali katika mazingira yao ili kujua ubora wa maji ya kunywa.


A number of North American cities are using common bluegills, fish particularly sensitive to chemicals in their environment, to monitor the quality of drinking water.

3. Basi njoo tuelekee Borneo kuwatembelea katika mazingira yao.


Then join us as we travel deep into Borneo to visit them in their native habitat.

From Glosbe: https://glosbe.com/sw/en/mazingira

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