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Lessons not registering as completed

I have students who are completing lessons, but then it does not tag them as completed. I have watched them go through the lesson, fill the bar, it shows the points added to their daily total (0/50 to 10/50) but then when they go back to the tree, the lesson still shows as new - it says "Empezar" rather than "Reforzar" and hasn't unlocked the next lesson. The points don't show either. They are studying English from Spanish.

They are using Internet Explorer version 10. I realize this is an older version, however these are school district computers and I have no option to update the browser. "It is what it is" as they like to say.

April 7, 2017

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It appears the lessons are actually recorded as completed, but neither the lesson nor the points show as completed until the student logs out and back in. I've got students who earned 50 or 60 points doing the same lesson over and over again because it never unlocked the next lesson and didn't appear to be saving. As soon as I have them log out and back in, the lesson unlocks and the points show up.

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