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Please restore ability to choose a username during account creation

I use Duolingo with ESL students who frequently have very little or even zero experience with computers. Sometimes I have to show them how to click a mouse before they can do Duolingo.

A huge problem with these students is they forget usernames and passwords. To solve this, I help them create their account and assign a username based on their first/last name and student ID. That way if they forget their username, I can use that system to tell them what it is without having to look anything up.

Yesterday, however, when I was helping a student create an account, I noticed that it no longer allowed putting in your own username! Instead it auto-assigned a username. While the name was based on the student's name, it no longer follows any system that would allow me to quickly and easily know a student's username without looking it up.

Please reconsider the option to allow choosing a username when creating an account! If the issue is about abusive usernames, then please deal with that differently. Auto-assigning usernames makes it very difficult on students who do not have the mental skillset to remember silly things such as usernames.

April 7, 2017



It's beyond my ability to fix but I agree picking your name is important. For you it's easier to track your class but for individual users it's buy-in to the system.


You can manually change their usernames. Within 30 minutes you could change the usernames of your entire class.


That may be a workaround.... Not sure why the change was made to auto-assign usernames though instead of letting users choose them. I guess they are trying to control trolls.


aelfwyne, I had a similar problem. I think what's happening is that the usernames you want to create are not unique so system changes them to something which is unique. Make sure your creation system is guaranteed to produce unique usernames e.g. by adding a suffix like kkk.

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