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  5. "Habari za jioni?"

"Habari za jioni?"

Translation:How is the evening?

April 7, 2017



My Kenyan friend told me the greetings are "Habari ya _" Is there are grammatical difference between 'za' and 'ya' or is it a dialect thing?


I have a Kenyan friend that told me the same thing. About "za" and "ya", he told me that "za" is used for plural, for example: "Habari za asubuhi" can be translated as "news of the the morning" and "Habari ya asubuhi? " means something like "How are you this morning?".


they're used interchangeably, the meaning is the same. 'Habari' is news, so it's uncountable. So the greeting can be inquiring about either one or more than one pieces of news


What is going on? You have accepted "good evening/morning/afternoon before, and it literally has that as the answer in the drop-down, but you are marking it wrong!!! AAAARGHHH!!!


I speak pure swahili.. This app is confusing me i think it's wrong sometimes


It's wrong it means how its going


Also good evening should be a valid answer, no?

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