"Mătura și fărașul sunt lângă coșul de gunoi."

Translation:The broom and the dustpan are near the trash can.

April 7, 2017

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The dustpan and brush are near the bin.


'garbage bin' was marked as incorrect, but seems a good translation to me


I agree, even though for me as an Englishman rubbish bin is more appropriate. ALso it should accept brush in place of broom - we English people usually say brush and dustpan, not broom and dustpan, though we recognise the word broom and use it for long handled brushes including those ridden by witches in fairy stories!


To echo David O'Neil in UK English for whatever reason we say "the dustpan and brush", always in that order and using those words. Bin is also commoner than trash can in the UK.


The same order is used in Australian English.


Replace SUNT with SÂNT, va rog. !!!


Please stop. As I said in another comment, the only approved way of writing and pronouncing it is "sunt". Yes, it was written "sînt" until 1993, but "sânt" is an obvious mistake.

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