"Let them drink tea and eggs"

Translation:Wanywe chai na mayai

April 7, 2017

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Interesting beverage! Maybe for sports practice? ;)


I see how you understood it and it's funny. The actual meaning in the Swahili version is not exactly what you think though.

It actually means that they drink tea and together with that, they also eat eggs.

Think it this way; you can have your tea by itself or with a piece of cake, bread, sweet potatoes , pumpkins or in this example , eggs.

Maybe the English would have been better as "Let them have tea with eggs" Here the "with" being understood as a 'side dish' just like one can have steak with a salad, pasta or rice. Maybe someone else may suggest a better English version for "Wanywe chai na mayai".

My Tanzanian and Kenyan Swahili native speakers confirmed this.

I hope that helps.


Of course yes! It is good to know that, and I was expecting to have more information about it. In my country, breakfast is a little different and I can see how people in other countries eat eggs (and perhaps rice and tomatoes) for breakfast but we eat them for lunch and dinner only (some people can also prepare a sweet beverage with eggs but medics recommend to eat only cooked eggs.) The most interesting thing I have read about Swahili food is the preparation of dishes with bananas and also I see that they make banana beer!!! I would like to try a recipe to use the bananas I have in the yard. I do not know what kind of bananas can be used in Tanzania but I see in photos there are bananas of many colors (yellow, green and red bananas!) =)


If you want banana foods and drink, Uganda is the place. The have move varieties of banana than anywhere else.


Well, I've heard of people who put eggs in their coffee for breakfast. But eggs in tea I feel is a step too far...


I can believe even more. I have Chilean friends that would add smashed avocados and chilis to make a really brave and energetic mixture. :D


Lol I didn't get it at first

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