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  5. "A river has good water"

"A river has good water"

Translation:Mto una maji mazuri

April 7, 2017



Shouldn't it be "ana" instead of "una" since it's in the the third person?


No, it's una because a river is an M/Mi noun (there are exceptions, this isn't one of them).


So when refering to M/Mi nouns you use the u- prefix?


u- for singular, i- for plural.

Exceptions -- animals, for example, use a- and wa- (and generally follow M/Wa grammar, taking only the pluralisation rules from their noun class). Same goes for most people words that aren't in the M/Wa class already (like daktari).

Be warned, U/N singular also uses u-. Nothing else uses i- in the plural, but N/N uses it in the singular, so don't use the subject prefix alone to guess the class of a noun. It is a bit confusing at first, but once you get them all mapped out you should get the hang of it.


Alright! Thank you very much!


One moment, please. I am not such a avanced but.... this " una" it should to be conjugation of verb with a personal pronoun. So, the river - 3th person singular it is " a " + verb " na" makes - ana. Is it possible that this sentence came to me too early ? But for a while at my level of learning I can not to agree with this grammar form.

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