Translation:You come

April 8, 2017

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This is not the correct meaning.... Mna-kuja It's a positive to - to come so it mean are you coming


Why can it not be 'you are all coming'?


"wote" is all for the -m/wa class and is not in the original. I think the only reason to use "all" would be to clarify that it's you plural, since English has no plural/singular "you." It would be nice if there was a standard way for us to write it in the course, for example "You (pl)" or "you all."


Wewe njoo means You come


That is the command form singular (ninyi njooni plural), telling someone to come. "you come" and "you are coming" in English are both statements, which would both be translated "Unakuja" for singular or "Mnakuja" for plural.


I think it's very important that somebody does something with correcting all the mistakes in the Swahili lessons


I understood that the 'na' tense was the present continuous, while the 'a' tense was the present simple. So 'ala' would be he or she eats as for present simple we also deop the ku regardless of whether it the verb is monosyllabic or not, and anakula would be he or she is eating. Is that wrong?

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