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  5. "To nic nie kosztuje."

"To nic nie kosztuje."

Translation:It does not cost anything.

April 8, 2017



In Poland you don't get anything for free

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Why is 'nie kostuje niczego' not allowed here? What are the rules for using 'nic' versus 'niczego' in negated sentences?


A tricky topic, which might even confuse some native speakers.

With verbs that do not contain a negative meaning and do not require the genitive case, it is highly recommended to use nic.

Nic nie mam. Nic nie wiem. Nic nie robię. To nic nie kosztuje.

With verbs that do contain a negative meaning, or require the genitive case, nic and niczego can mostly be used interchangeably.

Nic/niczego nie stracę. Nie słucham nic/niczego.

Sometimes a different choice requires a different word order to sound more natural.

Furthermore, with prepositions, which require the genitive case, niczego is mandatory:

To od niczego nie zależy. On przyszedł bez niczego.

For preposition, which require the accusative case, nic is mandatory:

Nie mam ochoty na nic. Nie pytam jej o nic.

Note that there are also dative, instrumental and locative forms (niczemu, niczym, niczym). But as far as I know, there is nothing irregular about their usage.

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Great, thanks for the info!

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