"Anapasuliwa leo"

Translation:He is being operated today

April 8, 2017



I've reported it, but for anyone wondering, in English, we don't operate people, we operate ON people. This means "He's being operated on today."

April 8, 2017


Ah, so it's not 'on today' (like on monday) but 'being operated on'...

November 12, 2018


Let me say it this way. That particular aspect was my least problem concerning 'anapasuliwa' :D

February 8, 2019


I love duo, but there are a lot of glitches in the Swahili course. Its cool though...I'm still learning something, (and using the report function alot lol)

August 14, 2017


This is a really odd sentence.Had to read it over and still I was like.....what??? (I have been learning Swahili for years btw)

October 5, 2017


For a dane the sentence made sense though, that's how we would say it; he is being operated today (:

February 2, 2019


Yes, but unfortunately it's wrong in English:) and it still hasn't been corrected a year after it was reported

February 19, 2019


You operate a machine, not a person. So unless he is a robot, you can't operate him. :-)

March 31, 2019
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