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Bug report: Wrong lesson said to be strengthened

I just did lesson 2 of "Adjectives: Nominative 1" in German via the website. After the lesson I got a message that I had strengthened "Adjectives: Nominative 1," which doesn't really make sense since that was the lesson I was doing. It should presumably have said "Food" instead, since before the lesson both "Food" and "Household" were not gold (everything else was) and after the lesson "Food" had turned gold.

March 14, 2014



I just encountered the same bug. I was working on Portuguese Verbs: Past Perfect, and when I finished a lesson it said I strengthened Verbs: Past Perfect but I saw a picture of Santa. I'm sending an email to support. :)


Please post here if you hear anything back. On further investigation: if you end up strengthening more than one skill at a time, it does display the corresponding pictures. I think the set of pictures is always correct. However the text always says "You strengthened


Hi Konrad127123,

We don't have to be in a lesson to strengthen a skill from it. If the word Danke had shown up in a previous lesson but had decayed in strength, but then appeared again later in a different lesson, we can strengthen it by coming across it.

I hope this helps and that I have understood your concern properly! :)


Hi Usagiboy7,

I possibly wasn't clear enough. My point is that it should then say that you strengthened the skill where you originally learned Danke. To use your example: If the word Danke had come up in a later lesson then on the page after the lesson (where it tells you how well you did), it should say that you strengthened the lesson where you originally came across Danke.

(As it was, I was doing a later lesson for the first time, and I strengthened a word from an earlier skill (making the earlier lesson turn gold). Instead of getting a message that the earlier skill had been strengthened, I got a message that I strengthened the skill I was currently doing, which doesn't make a lot of sense, since I was doing that skill for the first time.)

Does this make it clearer?



Thanks for the follow up! Much clearer. From this point on, someone with a blue ring might be better equipped to answer this. Sorry I didn't have the answer for you!


I keep getting "You strengthened Christmas". I'm doing timed practice, and no Christmas words are appearing. I get it every time. There's definitely a bug.

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