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Does anyone know a place to learn Japanese similar to Duolingo?

I've been searching for years (that's how i found Duo), but still haven't found a place that teaches as well as Duo... I tried Memrise, Babbel, Languages101, and all that but after having tried Duo they don't seem as good (they focus too much on "practical" stuff and neglect the essence of the language). The best resource I found was an App called "Learning Japanese" (Tae Kim's guide to learning Japanese), but that's what it is — a guide. No interaction. It's a great guide though and I recommend it. It's really great. He has videos on Youtube too. Here's the PDF version: http://www.guidetojapanese.org/grammar_guide.pdf#page43

Share your experience and your favorite places to learn Japanese, be it sites, apps, youtube channels... Have you found anything that works as well as Duo?

I think the Duo Japanese course is still going to take a while to hatch completely...

April 8, 2017



Wow! Thanks! :O


You could do the official Memrise courses in preparation for the Duolingo course, which releases in this year.


Official? Do you know the release date approximately?


Official to Memrise - not the un-official Duolingo courses you get over there.

They are quite good - they have videos on the app and stuff.


I used these videos to learn. That's an old tv show but it's easy and an effective way to learn Japanese. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB3F2C5D8B5F81F34


Interesting, ありがと。


I've been learning Japanese for about 5 months now. I've read most of Tae Kim's guide and attest that it teaches a lot of useful grammar. I'm currently slowly going through the Japanese reverse tree, which helped me a lot more than I though it would, until the Japanese tree comes out.


Hmm good idea, I'm going to give the reverse tree a try... Yeah, Tae Kim's guide is really great.


Here are some apps that helped me:

Human Japanese by Brak Software, Inc Hiragana and Katakana-Complete basics of Japanese HelloTalk (talk w/ natives!) Mirai Japanese


Thanks for the recommendations!

[deactivated user]

    I would also recommend "elon.io". They have many lessons with easy explanations and examples. I have to say this site improved my grammar a lot.


    I hope this will be helpful!

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