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Activity gone?

Hi there,

recently I noticed some things missing on my duolingo account. First of all: Fluency. My German is now at level 7 and that should atleast have 1% of fluency as I recall.

Secondly, I don't have Activity (Like Home, Words, Discussion). I also can't post comments on my friends' profiles but others can on mine.

I have heard about A/B tests but I don't know that much about it, and if you can turn it off or change it or something. Me and my friend even made new accounts and on those there were only Home and Discussion. Not even Words.

Is this an A/B test? If it is, is there some way to get Activity back?

Thank you for your time! Camey

April 8, 2017



Thank you for your answer, but I'm sorry to say that that is not the answer I was looking for. I knew about immersion, but not about activity. It might be the same reason, but I know it's not gone for everyone. A friend of mine does have activity and as far as I know, immersion was gone for everyone regardless if they made the account before or after the decision to remove it.

Do you have any idea what happened to acitivity for newer users?

Thank you anyways for the reply! Camey


There was a recent glitch messing up activity streams, maybe it hasn't gone away for you?


I have the same problem. I can't access my activity stream until someone posts on it. Then i get the email which sends me to my activity where i reply.


Okay sigh. I typed a comment but when I upvoted your comment the text got deleted.

Anyways, it's weird that you have the same problem.

Although when you commented, my notification ''bell'' worked again. When I first opened this topic,and someone were to reply, I saw a (1) in the top right corner of the bell, but not the notification. I could only see when someone added me as a friend (or passed me I think, not entirely sure). Now it does work as far as I know.

I still get a Error 404 when I try to go to the Activity-Stream page (by pasting the link in the hotbar). It's weird because the page did load for a second before redirecting me to the 404 ''site''. As if I don't have acces to it or something.


Okay well nevermind about the notification thing... If I am at the Home page and press the notification bell, it shows me only if someone added me as a friend, or passed me in skill points. When I'm at Words or Discussion and I click on the notification bell, it shows me if someone replied in my topic.


That happens to me too. The notification bell works only on some pages. :(

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