"Kitabu kimetolewa na Rashidi"

Translation:A book has been given by Rashidi

April 8, 2017

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I think this means "The/A book has been published by Rashidi."

I just made the following report and thought I'd share it here.

According to the Kamusi Project dictionary, -tolewa means "be published", "be given", "be said", "be offered", "be put out" ...

"The book has been removed by Rashidi" is surely Kitabu kimeondolewa na Rashidi, no?

If I'm wrong, the Kamusi Project dictionary has some serious gaps.


I agree with you. I have also reported the verb translation as "...has been released" as I have found in some texts in Glosbe. Other translation would be "...has been dispensed" and always talking about books and publications.


Glos.be is such a great resource isn't it? They've got dictionaries (of varying sizes) for just about every language and then the corpus of translations, and the corpus wouldn't be half of what it is without the Jehovah's Witnesses. I have pretty mixed feelings about the content of their writing, but I am very grateful that they produce so much writing on such a variety of topics, and I trust that their translations are of a high standard. Excellent for learning languages that don't have much in the way of resources.

For anyone who doesn't know it:


You don't have to do it just between Swahili and English either.


Yes indeed, the collection of texts in various languages is impressive. The database is also open to others can add translations so I think there are many volunteers participating in every language.


It actually can be both. The base verb "toa" is to pull out/to take out. In that way "to be removed" for "tolewa" in the sense of removed from the book shelf. However, in this specific sentence, from the context (little, as I must admit ;) ) I would agree that "The book has been published by Rashidi." seems best (is the most correct translation).


i think 'kutolewa' can also mean to release, to present, to put forward???


in the sense of publishing/releasing, yes. kutoa also is used for stories, presentation, talks


But in my dictionary is : kutoa 1 : 1) produce, bring/get/pull out 2) call up/forth, call into play, evoke 3) offer kutoa 2 : 1 publish, generate 2) pull out, remove 3) reduce, subtract So, looking at every proposed translations - Duolingo isn't really wrong :)


The verb really has a large number of possible meanings. We need more context for a proper translation.


"Kitabu kimetolewa na Rashidi -" "The book is donated by Rashidi."

Incorrect: " --- given by Rashidi."


"The book is published by Rashidi:"

1) Rashidi would not publish a book; it takes a publisher to;

2) this latter sense ('published') is correctly rendered -

"Kitabu kimechapiswa na Rashidi,"

if Rashidi himself had cause and means to do so (i.e. kuchapisa: print --- .)

Please note the English tenses deriving from the Swahili verbs, not unlike renderings of the incohative 'kuvaa.'


-mechapishwa seems to be the dominant translation for has been published.
https://glosbe.com/en/sw/has%20been%20published Is "by whom" I have my Findings.


I think that it should be published not been given.

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