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Question on leveling up

Help, I have scored perfect and the next levels are still locked. Am I missing something? Do I have to pay money to unlock the next levels?

April 8, 2017



It's really misleading, Luke, but when you finish a subset of one of the topics, you get taken back to the tree, rather than on to the next subset. You need to do all the 'lessons' within the topic to open the next topics.


so, when you finish a section, the next section will unlock


If by level, you mean the row on the skill tree, then it will be locked until you complete all lessons on the previous row above it. This is the most likely situation - you still have lessons that are not complete.

There is an A/B test where you can't progress until a timer has finished, and you can pay to get past it with Gems. However, it should be obvious if you have that version or something similar.

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