I'd like to learn Latin here, on Duolingo, but it probably won't be created. So, is there any application or site teaching it?

April 8, 2017


Luis said they have to prioritize what languages go into the incubator, and the process isn't very organized. He also said that the want for Latin is Noted.

So we may get it sometime :) Source:

Carpelanam created Latin lessons:

The book that I would highly recommend is Lingua Latina by Hans H. ├śrberg. It's the one that I use for school and it is amazingly useful. has Latin flashcards, amongst other things.

Here is a link to a post that I made. I'm hoping that by having so many people up-vote it (I have 92 so far) that it will be high up on the radar of the people who make the languages.

Great question. Here are a couple fairly recent discussions about Latin on Duo post 1, post 2. And here are some discussions w/ suggestions for learning material post 3, post 4. (There are some sites mentioned more than once). This has been discussed plenty on Duo. Just in my bookmarks, for instance, there are more than 200 discussions.

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