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  5. "Muuzaji anauza nini?"

"Muuzaji anauza nini?"

Translation:What is the seller selling?

April 8, 2017



Whats the difference between muuzaji and mwuzaji?


maybe there is none. when I took kiswahili classes, the teacher taught me "mwuzaji" saying it was the tanzanian/zanzibari writing. According to her, it was what she called the standard kiswahili (kiswahili sanifu). I think "muuzaji" is just a slight difference in spelling.


The same goes for the 'nurse' muuguzi vs mwuguzi


The English would be more natural if it said vendor instead of seller.


"What does the vendor sell?" is counted wrong!


There are a number of nouns, usually in the M-/WA- class, where you'll find the singular sometimes starting with MU- and sometimes with MW-. I believe that the MU- form is old spelling and that it is the MW- spelling that is preferred.


I think that it is some wrong form. We have : 1) muuza ( wauza) 2) mwuzaji (wauzaji ) and they mean - seller(s) etc. The form - muuzaji - looks like a wrong mixture between these two forms.

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