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Return to the language tree after testing out?

After I test out of something it shows me the units I just passed, but there is no link to get back to the other subjects.

Is this just me? Doesn't that seem weird that after passing something I need to go back to the home screen and scroll down to the next unit?

March 14, 2014



Duolingo courses are not strictly limited. Many users regularly review. I think this is why Duolingo starts at the beginning of the tree and lets user scroll only to where they want to study next. I might have misunderstood your question so I'm not sure if this answers it or not. If not, please let me know. Thanks! :)


When I test out of something (on the computer) it goes through all the congrats and lingots awards, then the next screen shows me the units I tested out of. But from there there is no way to just go back to the list of units (the tree) or directly move on to the next unit. I guess that seems odd to me.


Oh! ok. I don't suppose you took a screen shot by any chance? It sounds like that might be a glitch but I have rarely attempted to test out of skills so I can't recall. It does sound odd though.

My suggestion, subscribe to the Troubleshooting forum, then come back, edit your post, select "Troubleshooting" from the drop down menu instead of "Duolingo", and save your post. This will move your post to that forum.


Awesome. Thank you for making your post! ^_^

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