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  5. "Ένα παιχνίδι"

"Ένα παιχνίδι"

Translation:A toy

April 9, 2017



What is the breakdown of 'παιχνίδι';

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Found this on Wiki.

παιχνίδι < μεσαιωνική ελληνική παιγνίδι < παιγνίδιον < αρχαία ελληνική παίγνιον < παίζω < παῖς < πρωτοελληνική pā́wits < πρωτοϊνδοευρωπαϊκή péh₂wids < *peh₂u-

Παιχνίδι < medieval Hellenic (Greek) <παιγνίδι < παιγνίδιον < Ancient Greek παίγνιον < παίζω < παῖς < Proto Hellenic pā́wits < Proto Indo European péh₂wids < *peh₂u-


"Boy" is "puer" in Latin, which might also be a cognate.


A "χνί" at the center of "παιδί", isn't it?


They both probably derive from "παις", originally meaning "boy", I think. "παίγνιον" used to be the word for "toy", "game", before changing into modern "παιχνίδι". In some villages in Greece there are still people who say "παιδί" and mean "boy".


Is "Phrases" the correct section for "A toy"?


Is it the same spell if I would like to be specific about that it is just one(1!) toy, and not any toy?



English split up "an" and "one" from what used to be the same word, but many languages (including Greek) use the same word for both concepts.


Why is the word toy so important that it has to be repeated so many times?

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We'll need some more information in order to answer your question.


How the word ' toy ' is correctly pronounced? I know we have the help of T2S, but the letter ' delta ' always troubles me so I just wish to double check the word's pronounciation before moving on. Sorry for disturbing!

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You are not disturbing us at all. We just need some more information. Do you mean the word "παιχνίδι".

Yes, the freedictionary as Troll95 has just written sounds fine . Here is a very good site to hear native Greeks pronouncing the words.
click >here

Also, have a look at our Forum Discussions where you might find other good resources.


And never hesitate to ask us questions or make suggestions.


Sorry for not specifying I had issues with the pronunciation of the word ' toy '. I simply forgot. My main problem was the following: I read some discussions on Duolingo forum and as I recall (precisely, I hope), the letter ' delta ' is pronounced /th/ as in this, that etc., but, but, with your tongue in between your upper and lower front teeth. I do not know if I gave an accurate description, but this is how I remember. Anyway, the way this noun is pronounced on the website that you've shown me it kind of confirms my logic. Thanks for the prompt reply and your consistent support. Keep up the good work and have a good day!

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Glad the site was helpful. And thank you very much for your kind support it means a lot to us.
Please don't hesitate to ask anything you like and please continue to give us feedback.

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