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Easy New Languages to Learn?

My friend and I are attempting to learn a language. We don't want to learn the Romance languages or Germanic languages (excluding Bokmal), also we don't want it to be too difficult. We were thinking maybe Swahili, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, Bokmal, Esperanto, or Gaelic. We also prefer Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, or easy-to-learn script. Are there any easier languages? Which would be the easiest of these languages? Thank you.

April 9, 2017



Esperanto is probably one of the easiest languages you can learn. It's very similar to Romance language though, so as you don't like those, I would say Bokmal would probably be a good language that's reasonably easy for English speakers, but not too much so.


Well, I have had experience with two of those. Those two are Russian and Turkish. Turkish sounds nice, but I don't have enough experience with it to say much, although it has a strange word order and 7 cases (I think). Now for Russian. I love the Russian language. It is not as hard as a lot of people say, and it only has 6 cases (that's only two more than German). Cyrillic is also really easy to learn. I highly suggest this languages, especially since Russia is definitely not going away anytime soon (in fact, it is supposed to grow to be one of the biggest economies in the world). In the end it is your choice, but I hope you'll at least consider Russian. Good luck!


I love Turkish, easiest language I have ever learned. Tried a few slavic languages but they all appear much harder. I'll probably do Swahili once I finish Turkish, I think I like agglutinative languages in general, but we'll see.


For the English speaker, either Bokmål or Esperanto would be the easiest of those you set forth.

Welsh is one of my favorites but not one I would describe as easy.


Cyrillic. I chose by doing eeny, meeny, miny, moe. :)


I would say Esperanto is the easiest language on Duolingo. I spent 4 days and hours on it and I'm past halfway down the tree.

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