Hungarian makes learning other languages easy :)

I still need a few weeks to complete the Hungarian tree, but the experience was useful. I live in Budapest now and am starting to use Hungarian-on-the-go.

But I find that learning such a difficult language had an additional benefit -- all other European languages now seem so easy by comparison. I really find it much easier to learn Spanish or Swedish now. I guess everything is relative. Start with the most difficult things and the rest becomes easy!

Good luck to everyone!

April 9, 2017


That makes sense. I'm having the same experience trying to learn Romanian. Compared to that, the Scandinavian languages seem super easy now.

April 9, 2017

Agreed. Starting out with harder languages could be more beneficial and does help with learning other languages. How's Hungary? I stay in Budapest during the summers, and it is very fun.

April 9, 2017

"You are welcome!", says the Hungarian language. :)

April 10, 2017

I have had a similiar experience since I began studying Polish last year. After a session focusing on Polish grammar, I gladly escape to and easily complete my other language objectives! LOL (Polish is still great, and my favourite!)

April 10, 2017

You learn lots of languages. How do you do this? :D

April 21, 2017

There is no Finnish course yet on Duolingo but that would be a difficult one too. :)

April 25, 2017

I feel the same (I am learning German in parallel)

April 16, 2017

Good luck to the Hungarian language :) (This is my own mother language)

April 21, 2017

Good luck to you :)

May 7, 2017
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