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  5. "Mi madre tiene buena letra."

"Mi madre tiene buena letra."

Translation:My mother has good handwriting.

February 27, 2013



Lost a heart at the very last question just because I also wrote '...a good...'. How frustrating is that?! :D


what country are you from that you say "a good handwriting""?

Very interesting, I've never heard anyone say it that way where I live (America).


Well, in German you'd require the a. I also made that mistake, unfortunely. Funny though, this way Duo teaches me English and Spanisch at the same time.


geht mir genauso...


Same 'problem' here because of Dutch...


We'd never say that in the UK either.


I am American and I just wrote it that way!


it is very frustrating. i have read most of the opinions expressed below by others and i am very surprised. to me, the "a" is almost as essential in this sentence as in "my mother has a good car, a cheerful disposition, a bright mind", etc. so, why wouldn't she have "a" good handwriting?


It's because "handwriting" is an uncountable noun. You cannot put indefinite articles before uncountable nouns. Regarding the other nouns that you mention - "car", "disposition", "mind" - these are all countable nouns ("disposition" is countable but usually only appears in singular form).


Because handwriting is associated as a permanent quality of my mother.


mismo sentimiento hermano !


My 10 year old just asked me what is 'handwriting?'


CALLIGRAPHY/CALIGRAFIA, buena escritura. We had it for two years in school. A notebook with a prototype letter on every page and we had to fill the pages with nice copies of that prototype, and with INK. Since blots of ink made Her angry I, to cheer her up, made my blots to funny figures. She got furious. I just learned that the great poet (and painter) Federico García Lorca also had difficulties with la Caligrafía and nearly had to leave school because of that! In the end of this documentary Lorca's brother tells about Lorca's troubles with Caligrafía

Federico García Lorca http://youtu.be/eCwqZjku16A


one of the guys I graduated from high school with in the sixties is in the state legislature and is proposing re-instituting the teaching of handwritten script. I say yeah ... youth tend to print illegibly these days.... if they know what a pen or pencil even is .... sigh.


DL REALLY wants us to learn this sentence. I've had a form of it five times and I'm not even through with this section of 20 questions.


I don't have this problem, maybe you had a lot of words of this sentence in your weak words list.


"My mother has good lyrics?" I see "letra" used as singular all the time and have never seen it used in plural...


Letras in plural means lyrics of a plural number of songs, lyrics in plural.
I don't know if "lyric" is really used in singular in the same way.
Some dictionaries say "lyrics: words of a song", others, "lyric: words of a song (often used in plural)"

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Well, I'm glad I was typing what I heard, because if I had been asked to translate to Spanish, I would've used escritura for handwriting, and I don't know if DL would've accepted it. I work in a school, and that's what we've always used. Anyone else's opinion? Are both acceptable for handwriting? Does it vary regionally??


Letra and escritura are both correct for handwriting.

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Thanks! I'm happy to get an answer - I noticed how long ago I had posted above!


Letras are a translation for song lyrics on spanish music websites.


Doesn't letra also mean lyrics?


it is the same, letter


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That's why she's an artist.... (???!)


Would Duo have accepted "penmanship?" We had "penmanship" units in grades 1-8 in my school in Iowa (USA). It seemed like we did it sporadically, but it was likely a part of the teaching plan. Those grades correspond to 1962 to 1970.

I think if I get this sentence again, I will try it.


Frank_X! Frederico García Lorca, el poeta http://youtu.be/eCwqZjku16A in the end his brother tells that the great poet Frederico was so bad in what is translated into penmanship that the school nearly dismissed him. His brother uses the words caligrafía /calligraphy and sometimes escrita/ writing, handwriting. The subject was called calligraphy in my Swedish school in the fifties. I was also very bad at it.


'Penmanship' is one of the Spanish dictionary definitions of 'letra', so it should definitely be accepted. (It is a real shame that many schools are no longer teaching penmanship).


Yes, Duo accepts "penmanship". This is what I just used to see if they would accept.


Never heard/saw this word in five months of using duolingo until now


Can anyone descibe how one would know when to use mi versus me?


In short: my is mi, me is me, I is yo which is almost true

  • MI = my the case is called genitive and is used adjectively to declare possession: my book=mi libro

  • ME = me is used always when the first person singular is an object: direct, indirect or reflexive, it is always ME: they saw me=me vieron, he writes me a letter= me escribe una carta, I wash myself = me lavo

  • MÍ = me after prepositions (note the accent on í)

  • except with = con: with me = conmigo

  • and the five which have YO: entre (between), según (according to), excepto/ menos/ salvo (except): except me = excepto yo


Doesn't anyone ever use the term "longhand" anymore when referring to handwriting.


Yes, sometimes.


I commonly hear "...nice handwriting" in America.




It is not for hand. LETRA = 1. letter 2. writing or handwriting ...


Have never seen this usage before!


One of the meanings of letra is handwriting.


How would I know letra means handwriting?????????? Sigh.....


Letra means lyrics, handwriting, or letters? What else?


Yeah, another example of the stupid way very different things have the same word for them in Spanish. How would you ever know which was correct !!!!!

[deactivated user]

    poor grammar in this translation


    My answer was correct


    I wrote handwriting e Duo cut and wrote my....has a good HAND Please am i wrong?


    No, I don't think so.


    Why is letra once lyrics and other time handwriting? Not much in common.


    I wrote handwriting... wrong!?? The translation is "hand"??? What are they doing??? :(


    My mother has a nice handwriting marked as wrong. Correct answer being a nice "hand"


    I wrote: "My mother has good lyrics." (After all, she is a song writer, and a poet .) But not accepted. (Did not report.)


    ..."buena mano" is a good hand so "buena letra" a good handwriting" makes more sense


    My mother’s handwriting is good. Why is my response incorrect.


    Compare My mother has A good handwriting with My mother has A good knowledge of English. Both are correct!

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