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With German, is there any way to sort out whether a noun is masculine, feminine or neuter? I mean, we can just say 'the' all the time, but what if you only know the noun word and not its article? Or is there no correlation between word and article??

April 9, 2017


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The ending of the noun may sometimes help you recognize its gender.

April 9, 2017

For some nouns, you can recognise the gender by the "shape" of the word (the endings).

But in general, there is no correlation between a word and its article.

Hence why occasionally Germans disagree on the gender of some words that are either new ("Blog") or not often used with article, such as proper nouns ("Nutella").

April 9, 2017

Yes,, but from the start just do your best to memorize. Also, as soon as you can, try learning short phrases related to important activities in your life. Ins Schwimmbad- to the pool to answer - was machst du in der Freizeit? Ich gehe Ins Kino, ins Stadium, ins fitnessstudio, ins Konzert. It is easier to memorize real answers that are typical for you and then reverse the process to realize all these words are das. We have a better chance at retaining information long term when it is meaningful, not memorized. Unfortunately, DL does little to take advantage of our ability to learn language naturally. Use other sources, too.

April 9, 2017
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