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Esperanto in Rochester NY USA

Update: See update at end of this note

The course recently crossed 800,000 learners world wide. Last I heard, about 40% of these learners are in the US. That means that 0.1% of the American population have tried Esperanto on Duolingo. Assuming even distribution within the US, that would mean at least 750 learners within the moderately sized metro area where I live.

I want to find these people.

I've been teaching Esperanto by YouTube, Skype and Google Hangouts and I see my students progressing and I get their feedback about how things suddenly "click" when they're working through a course with real people... and I think, too bad we don't all live closer together so we can learn face-to-face. Then I remembered the 750 learners in my area. If one in ten came out to a class (75) that would be awesome. If one in 100 came out (8), I'd still be thrilled. I'd even start with 1 in 750 (1 person.)

Any takers?

Update: There is an active group in Rochester. We typically meet the second Friday of each month and carpool to the Syracuse meetup on the third Friday. Join our mailing list for updates. You can also get information at our Duolingo Events page and connect with us on our Facebook group. We have veteran speakers and people who just started literally weeks ago.

April 9, 2017



Out of 800,000 "learners", I would imagine that at least a fair number also include people who never progressed past level 1, or were perhaps people that thought it was "español" instead of "esperanto". (I do not know if it is possible to see more comprehensive data of those 800,000 learners). 1 in 1000 Usonians learning Esperanto seems a bit of an exaggerated statistic imho, and I feel you might be over idealistic to assume 750 people in your area are learning it.

Is Amikumu currently operational ?(I don't know, as I do not use cell phones or mobile devices). I would have assumed that would be your best bet to find local learners of Esperanto.


Very interesting comment on a few levels.

First, I'm pretty sure I've said the thing about "Español/Esperanto" publically ... more than once. People are usually pretty dismissive of that thought - but I've seen posts on RuthKC's timeline along the line of "Hi, I'm learning Esperanto - what is it?". It's hard to imagine that someone who approaches Esperanto that way would stick with it very long.

If you've seen my comments on the FB group (Duolingo Esperanto Learners) you'll know that I am NOT assuming anything here. Indeed, I hinted at that in my final lines, which translate to "I would be thrilled if there were one."

(I've gotten one reply from someone locally, so it's now officially a success.)

Second, Amikumu was also mentioned by the first commenter on the FB group. It's in beta with something like 350 users -- none of whom are in my city. I hope Amikumu is a smashing success, but quite honestly I don't understand the hype. If anybody is in my city is interested in meeting people who speak Esperanto and they haven't contacted me yet, they're simply not looking.


Bonega ideo kaj mi deziras por vi bonsxancon! En mia tuta graflando (Kitsap County, Washington) estas malpli ol 250 000 homoj, do eblas 350 Esperantistoj? Mia urbo havas proksimume 20 000 logxantojn (laux Vikipedio). Cxu MI estas 5% de la Esperantistoj en Silverdale?! Mi sxercas kaj vere deziras por vi sukceson! Bonvolu raporti pri la projekton ...


Mi ricevis unu respondon de loka e-isto, kaj mi tre gxojas.

Cetere, mi diras "kantono" cxar ne estas grafo en usonaj graflandoj.

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