"We do not kill."

Translation:Noi nu omorâm.

April 9, 2017

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Are "ucidem" and "omorâm" synonyms?


Yes, they're synonims, but to me a ucide sounds more stronger.


Thanks Kavics6. I learned the word, "ucide" from Google.; I first heard "omorâm" here on Duolingo.

Which one is more prevalent in Romanian? Would we use "ucidem" to kill something maliciously, and retain the usage of "omorâm" for killing something in a nice way?


In Romanian a omorî is more prevalent. I think that "a ucide" sound stronger to me at first because it's similar to die which is "a muri", and secondly because "ucigaș" is killer. "A ucide" it isn't used very much, rather when you kill somebody maliciously, deliberately, and "a omorî" is also used when you accidentally kill somebody. "A omorî" is more common.


Sounds like maybe the same distinction as in English between "to kill" ("a ucide") and "to put to death" ("a omorî") ?

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