"Đến lúc phải vâng lời rồi!"

Translation:It is time to obey!

April 9, 2017


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There is only one situation in which I can imagine using this sentence.

April 9, 2017


What situation?


The Tip and Notes were no help simply listing these words. Either explain things or forget about it and let us flounder less just dealing with the sentence.


This particular sentence is what I think belongs in a "common expressions" section; many of the other things here should be in 'verbs', 'adjectives', 'adverbs', etc. because they seem to be usable in any context. The "common expressions" section should be idiomatic things that you wouldn't have guessed by putting the individual pieces together.

But I get your point--at the start of the course there should be a vocabulary list we can refer too, that points this out, so we're not crash-testing from the start.


"roi" no already. Why.???. How to tell when to translate.

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