"Eu nu am lupi. Am papagali."

Translation:I do not have wolves. I have parrots.

April 9, 2017

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Are there any good rules, when can I omit /person/ in the sentence? Or it is like in Polish, Spanish, that the verb describes who does what and thus there is no 'golden' rule to be seen as a 'gentleman' who anyway uses "eu am" instead of "am"? : )


Usually, in Romanian, if it's not understood from the verb conjugation you understand it from the context. For example, we have the verb "beau" which either means "I drink" or "They drink". So, If you are talking about your day, or about you in general, you can skip tge pronoun and it will pass off as a first person singular verb. If you are talking about someone else, starting the first sentence with the pronoun, you don't have to use the pronoun again, or at least not in every sentence.

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    This audio is so bad


    indeed this audio is very bad....the pronounciation of the word - lupi- is hardly audible....


    Why isn't the contraction of nu + am (n-am) allowed in this sentence? We constantly see it as one of the options on multiple choice answers?

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    It should be allowed, it is correct. But keep in mind that the contraction is much more common in speech than in writing, especially in formal documents which tend to avoid it.


    I think it's because you're supposed to transcribe what you hear, rather than translate a sentence. So if the clip says "nu am", that's the correct answer.


    why is the i in "lupi" in this sentence easier to hear than others


    Se aude "lupci" :)))


    The "i" at the end of a word is difficult to pronounce. you must just hear it a very little. It can be sometimes just the the beginning of the pronunciation of the "i". Its called a short "i". Plural masculine is often two contiguous "ii". In this case, you an "i" long...


    I have not wolves, i have parrots is also a correct translation ........sometimes this game is so frustrating


    Dear Whitecrochetta..pls note the correct wording in english is: I DO NOT HAVE wolves, I have parrots. "i have not" does not exist or is not used like that in british/english

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