"He goes where I go."

Translation:El merge acolo unde merg eu.

April 9, 2017

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Is "El merge unde eu merg" wrong? Mulțumesc mult.


I think not, though el merge unde merg eu would sound better.


Thats what I wrote, and it was wrong.


Now it is accepted!


Because I forgot to add "acolo".


I think "acolo" must be the purpose of this lesson...


Duolingo is stubborn and bossy...badly programmed, as in countless other examples


I looked at the hover and put exacty what was given and it was wrong. How so?

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Please help me understand why one should say "merge eu" rather than eu merge. He goes there where go I, as a literal translation does not make sensible English so I am trying to understand what is the reason it is arranged this way in Romanian?


My translation is like pablopublico's and several translators software agree with us contrary to what ilai wrote! It looks like is not fixed yet


CarloGamag1, you misunderstood my message, I said ”El merge unde merg eu” is correct, as like razvan.marin said. The version "El merge unde eu merg" is so unusual that you don't want to utter it unless you are a singer or you want to tell us a poem.


For me, it does not unnatural or way too literary. Even in that case, it should be accepted, because literature represents a big part of a language.


Only reporting with the Report button (the flag near sentence) you can put a brick to obtain for your translation to be added as an accepted one. Perhaps I repeated this information for hundreds of times in these forums but it still seems to be an useful information. Only the contributors can do something, and that button is the only way to them. I was contributor in the past, now I can only to teach you all: if your answer is correct and not yet accepted, Report it! (the green flag).


You use merg when talking about yourself. Someone else please correct me if I'm wrong!!

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