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"The animals drink the water, alone."

Translation:Les animaux boivent l'eau, seuls.

February 27, 2013



"Les animaux boivent de l'eau, seuls" why " de l'eau " isn't correct ?


Other answers didn't paint the whole picture of understanding for me to this.

Etheriel, if I'm no expert, but if it says "drink water" or " drink some water", then I translate it to "boivent de l'eau".

If it says "drink the water", then you are talking about some specific water, and it becomes "boivent l'eau"

If anyone can correct and/or add to this, it'd be kindly appreciated


yes, if the English sentence reads "THE water", you have to use the French definite article le/la/les. Note that l' is the elided form of le or la in front of a word starting with a vowel or a non-aspired H (l'homme)

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