suggestions for Hebrew course

Here are a few suggestions for the Hebrew course, I am sorry if they have been brought up already!

1: Please give audio to all the words and phrases. If this is too much, at least do this for the first few lessons.

This will help one not only with the writing part of the language, but the speaking part too.

2: It would be helpful if there was flashcards section.

There is one for German, and it has really helped me learn the language!

Here are just a couple, I'll think of more as I go along!

April 9, 2017

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1) As it has been repeated many times in this forum, Hebrew audio was recorded by voice actors, it is not TTS, and only sentences were recorded, not individual words. So, audio for every word is simply not possible. As it has also been noted, there is a Hebrew Duolingo course on Memrise that has audio for every single word and it can be used parallelly to learning with Duolingo.

2) Memrise, Anki or Tinycards can be used for this - they are a very useful tools to use alongside Duolingo. There are also many more resources that are listed in some of the pinned notes in this section of the forum - you can look them up and see which suits you the best.

April 11, 2017
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