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Any idea when...

Romanian comes to the app? I really want to learnt it but I highly prefer using the app.

April 10, 2017



Duolingo staff are working to get the course on mobile as well, we've been given an estimate of a month. Lets hope for the best!!


3 weeks to go then :)


It kinda works. If I launch the app after an upgrade has dropped, but before I've installed it, and I'm logged into Romanian, Romanian comes up. I can generally get one whole Romanian lesson done before it forces me to switch to a supported language.

It's far from perfect. I've noticed bugs in the "translate this sentence, the words you can pick from are on the bottom" exercise. The first time it happened there was a sentence that had a clearly wrong translation, and the time it happened today capitalization was off. Usually you can tell which word in the sentence is supposed to be first because it's capitalized, but the lesson I did today three or four of the sentences had no capitalized words.

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