Translation:A chain

April 10, 2017



For the people taking this, as well as any other course, who want to get a feel for how the language sounds, here's my tip. Go to Youtube, and look for the news in your target language. For swahili learners, BBC Swahili is a good way to practice listening, as well as stay up to date with current events. Thank you, Marahaba.


Asante sana! It is great and very motivating how many words one can understand there already at this level! The moderators also nicely introduce themselves at the beginning: "Jina langu ni ..." Yeah! I understood something! :o)


I so wish this course had audio for this one!


This audio is already in Forvo. As some pronunciations are very similar to Spanish (a little similar to Italian also) I would say the sound of ny is the same as Spanish ñ or Italian gn (example: baño / bagno, bathroom) and the stress is on the penultimate syllable (m)nyo-RO-ro (the first syllable is prenasalized with m.)



It would be nice to get some native speakers to record Duolingo vocabulary on Forvo.

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