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Losing Translation Tier Badges in my Profile!

I noticed that I am short two translation tier badges in my profile! I used to have nine and now I am down to seven! I lost my French for Spanish Speakers (just a tier 1) and my English for Dutch Speakers (tier 4) badge!

Will the others disappear eventually? This is terrible. I worked for months* on that Dutch badge.

  • I think it was probably more like 3 or 4 weeks. Things moved pretty quickly in that Immersion section.
April 10, 2017


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Since Immersion is gone, I don't think there is a need for Translation Tiers. What else would you use them for?

April 10, 2017


Maybe they are disappearing as Immersion is gone?!

April 10, 2017

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What's a translation tier badge?

April 10, 2017


You used to get them once you did so much translating in the Immersion section.

April 10, 2017

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Oh, I heard that doesn't exist anymore, thanks anyway.

April 10, 2017


I also lost one out of four translation tiers. I wonder what happened to it.

April 20, 2017
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