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Vietnamese Lessons on Quá, Là, and Có

This Saturday (April 15th, 2017) at 10AM PST | 12AM GMT+7 (Hanoi), we will be have a lesson on basic Vietnamese sentences. We're covering the 3 words that you need to know: Là, Quá, and Có !

Times are listed below:

GMT+7 (Hà nội): Sunday, April 16th | 12am - 1am

PST: Saturday, April 15th | 10am - 11am

CDT: Saturday, April 15th | 12pm - 1pm

EST: Saturday, April 15th | 1pm - 2pm

BST: Saturday, April 15th | 6pm - 7pm

CEST: Saturday, April 15th | 7pm - 8pm

We'll be having this lesson on our discord server, which is here:


April 10, 2017


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