"Sì, lo so."

Translation:Yes, I know.

February 27, 2013

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That would be "Si, lo conosco". Conoscere and sapere both mean "to know". Sapere is used for knowing facts and information, and to know how to do something. Conoscere is used to know people, places, famous people, works of art, songs, etc.

There is a good explanation and follow-up here: http://my.lifeinitaly.com/threads/5171-conoscere-vs-sapere


This link is not working anymore


Thanks, clear now. The link was good


So which is better: "Conosco un po Italianno" or "So un po Italianno"?


I'm not a native speaker of Italian, but it sounds better if you have a "di" after "un po", to signify what you have a little of.

You want to avoid the Italian equivalent of the movie line, "I know a little German. He's sitting right over there!"

Also, no double N in italiano. Get familiar with the sound difference between double and single N. It will keep you out of trouble sometimes.


Can't this be translated as yes I know him?


That's what I thought. For example http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare116a.htm gives 'lo' as direct object pronoun for both him and it.

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No. Sapere can be replaced by "to possess an information saying" while conoscere means "to be familiar with". The sentence "I possess the information saying him" makes no sense. Compare it with "I possess the information saying it." On the other hand "lo conosco" could mean both him and it.


I checked it out, The meaning of 'Lo so' is "I know it / this".

"I know" also accepted (because there's no context)


I said: yes, I know that, and it was marked wrong. How should i say that then?


why the lo. Can't this be Si, so. what is the point of the lo here?


I'll bet a native speaker would say it sounds funny.


Is io (letter I) and lo (letter L) the same?


I have learned to be very careful. At first I made many mistakes because in the font used by DL l and capitol i ( I ) are too similar. Their new style for mobile devices is a bit better.


"I know of it" marked wrong. Why?


I know it, that I know !


Aren't Si La Sol musical notes?


Yes! Until you made me look it up, I had no idea the history behind them was so interesting. Be careful, as they differ over time and between countries. I think I've seen the Ut/Do variation in printed music.

Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solf%C3%A8ge


Why isn't that 'yes, him I know' ?


Because Italian has two verbs that convey the meaning of that "to know" has in English.

The verb "sapere" (io so, tu sai, ecc.) is for knowledge of facts or how to do something, while the verb "conoscere" (io conosco, tu conosci, ecc.) is for familiarity with a person. "Lo conosco" would be better for saying "I know him."


Couldn't it be "Yes, I know that"?

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