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Tiny Cards and my Tree

Hello Duolingo!

I apologize if this question has been asked - I've searched and haven't found results.

Does Tiny Cards link to my tree? I.e., does practicing with that app help gild my tree? I know doing the flashcard function on the "Words" tab online helps, which is why I ask.

Thank you!

April 10, 2017



Hey Gstucken! I do both programs, and unfortunately, exp and other things do not link to your tree. Granted, your same profile is in both programs, but that's pretty much it. It's a shame though, because I use TinyCards the most for my German lessons, and I would be a much higher level on Duolingo German if both programs shared their exp.

And in case anyone asks why I use TinyCards more for my German, it's because the vocabulary's very difficult for me (it's so long at times!) that flash cards work best for me.


Unfortunately, TinyCards and Duolingo are not linked.


Thank you for your responses! I didn't mean experience... I'm more asking if it helps your tree the same way the flascard took under "Words" does. If you do that tool, it can help keep your tree gilded (lesson decay slower). Since Tiny Cards is similar to this tool and linked to our account, it could possibly help?

(I don't think it does. I just want to confirm)

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