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What's it like to eat lunch at Duolingo?

I happened to read this interesting article today in the local newspaper of the city where Duolingo is headquartered:


April 10, 2017



That's really interesting! That's awesome that the employees are treated well, but it was hard to read as when I saw their menu, my stomach growled, LOL. Anyways, I can imagine them all eating and speaking in a variety of languages. Or maybe teaching each other different languages, as it beats the Duolingo robot voice any day! :-)


Thank you for sharing this article! I hadn't read it yet. :D

Did you know that the word "Companion" comes from the words "com" and "pan" meaning "with bread". It refers to the practice of sharing food together. :)


I do now! Thank you for you sharing that bit of knowledge.


Dude, they even have pool table. My company only serves pain and misery for lunch. Dude that blows.



I wonder if they have Spahetti Pizza


Or pehaps They like us suffice in Doughnuts. A great way to learn


In order to feed the mind we need to think carefully of the daily menu ofthe necessary food intake



I hope whoever eats spaghetti pizza gets fired. It's like eating a sandwich with bread inside


You have clearly never tried a stuffing sandwich. Not stove top real out of the bird slice with a knife stuffing OMG amazing


I think that might be enjoyable...once a week (month?) to be pressured to eat that type of food everyday or dine with my colleagues everyday : [ Check, please! (The pet at work, however? Heel goed!)


Company-paid (and often gourmet quality) meals are commonplace in high tech, our younger son works at Youtube (owned by Google) and we've been to the Google campus, the diversity and quality of the restaurants available to Google employees was astounding.


thx for sharing the article it's very interesting but I don't really know what it's like to eat lunch at duolingo sos


It's like a family affair, according to the article. :)

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