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"O gato dorme embaixo da cama."

Translation:The cat sleeps under the bed.

February 27, 2013



No way! todos os gatos dormem NA cama (:-)


What is the opposite of embaixo in Portuguese? Thanks!


«em cima». I actually prefer saying «por baixo»/«debaixo» and «por cima»


Thanks, but are your preferences more widely used por baixo/por cima, or is em cima and embaixo more common?


I would say that they are about the same.... I am not too sure, actually. :)


Okay....thanks! I think I will go with em cima and embaixo, just to be safe :) It seems on Google Translate, embaixo=below em cima=on por cima=over por baixo=under So yeah, I guess there are very similar.


That's it! That's the difference. I could not think of how to explain it. You're welcome. This is why this sentence sounds so odd to me. When you use «em», it is usually resting "on" something: «em cima da mesa» = "on top of the table." When you use «por», it does not necessarily have to be "on" something: «A mosca voa por cima da mesa.» = "The fly flies above the table." This is why this sentence seems a bit weird to me; the cat is not stuck to the underside of the bed while it is sleeping (unless it is a low bed), so I would much prefer to say «por baixo» here. Admittedly, though, I do not often use «embaixo».


Yes glad we both figure it out! rsrsrsrs


Couldn't you say abaixo instead of embaixo? I'm not sure how often I see the word embaixo.


Yes, you can use «abaixo» as well.


I wonder if it's regional. I spend nearly all my time in the northeast and most of my Brazilian friends are from there and I only ever see/hear abaixo in colloquial language. Pernambuco does have a lot of linguistic idiosyncrasies. I've learned that things I learn there do not necessarily apply to the rest of the country, haha.


Lol, yeah. As a European Portuguese speaker, I can say that «em baixo» is not really heard too much either.


Is this how the word caca is pronounced? It sounds like 'curma' to me even at slow speed


Yes, it is. Sounds like the "o" in "come". Because of the "m" after the "a".

In general, when "N" or "M" are after the "a", or when it has a tilt "ã", it sounds like this.

We call it a nasal sound.


Sorry, not caca but cama (that's the problem with predictive text on the iPad)


You can turn it off, though.


That's the problem with predictive text on anything. It's especially frustrating when you get marked wrong for a word the phone or tablet "fixed".


Shouldn't it be «O gato dorme (por) debaixo da cama.»?


Por debaixo indicates a movement - "passa por debaixo da porta"


Obrigado. So just «...dorme debaixo da cama.» is fine?


why is "da" in this sentence instead of "a"? Does it translate to "the cat sleeps from under bed?"


No, it does not translate to that. You need the «de» (which contracts to «da» since «cama» uses the feminine article) for the same reason that you need the "of" in English when you say "on top of the bed;" you just cannot say "on top the bed" (at least , not in formal English), and you cannot ever say «embaixo a cama».


Is "embaixo" used in European Portuguese?

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